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  Thread: Forum Name Change
Post: RE: Forum Name Change

:D Ras. I prefer Ras♡
Ace Questions 4 10,116 03-11-2014, 12:05
  Thread: Recruitment closed
Post: Recruitment closed

Hello, one of our rare open recuitments comes to an end. All applicants will be discussed and the results will be announced as soon as possible. Regards, ~TT Management
Ace [TT] News 0 1,797 23-08-2014, 10:50
  Thread: Hey there
Post: RE: Hey there

Welcome to our foum ;)
Ace Newbie Lounge 4 10,627 17-08-2014, 15:02
  Thread: Hey!
Post: RE: Hey!

Hey sonic :P
Ace Newbie Lounge 5 11,488 17-08-2014, 14:40
  Thread: Is this the internets?
Post: RE: Is this the internets?

Ace Newbie Lounge 6 12,699 17-08-2014, 11:18
  Thread: Hai guys
Post: RE: Hai guys

hey. nice to see ya here :P
Ace Newbie Lounge 4 10,734 13-08-2014, 17:26
  Thread: LFS GIF's
Post: RE: LFS GIF's

Ace LFS Discussions 37 45,680 09-07-2014, 22:05
  Thread: Happy Birthday Luke!
Post: RE: Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy brithday yoooo :D young chick
Ace Other 6 6,982 05-07-2014, 18:52
  Thread: Back in town
Post: RE: Back in town

Haha frozen ....... gaaaaaaaaaaaaay :) Welcome back
Ace Newbie Lounge 10 17,983 04-07-2014, 19:38
  Thread: Two departures
Post: Two departures

Hello! As a result of their long time inactivity Robi and DJDok, 2 long time TT members will be sadly removed from the team. Goodbye and thankyou for your time and effort you gave to the team! ~...
Ace [TT] News 0 1,767 03-06-2014, 19:19
  Thread: Helloow.
Post: RE: Helloow.

Welcome to our forum ;)
Ace Newbie Lounge 18 25,105 11-05-2014, 15:04
  Thread: LFS GIF's
Post: RE: LFS GIF's

Bla blaaa blaaaaaa :D
Ace LFS Discussions 37 45,680 11-05-2014, 11:28
  Thread: LFS GIF's
Post: RE: LFS GIF's

lool dan, i just minimized my LFS :D
Ace LFS Discussions 37 45,680 10-05-2014, 15:37
  Thread: A departure
Post: A departure

Hello all, Today we are saying goodbye to our recruit Juntu, whose trial period was unsuccessful. We wish you the best of luck in the future. :) Regards, ~TT Management
Ace [TT] News 0 1,858 01-05-2014, 10:08
  Thread: Hai der!
Post: RE: Hai der!

Welcome connor :P
Ace Newbie Lounge 11 22,142 23-11-2013, 14:10
  Thread: Happy Birthday!
Post: RE: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday daniel! close but still on your birthday :P
Ace Other 9 9,594 18-11-2013, 23:19
  Thread: Ohai Guys :)
Post: RE: Ohai Guys :)

Welcome :)
Ace Newbie Lounge 11 20,805 11-11-2013, 22:22
  Thread: Just a friendly hello!
Post: RE: Just a friendly hello!

Welcome ;) Nice to see ya on board here
Ace Newbie Lounge 7 15,303 10-11-2013, 20:44
  Thread: Three word game
Post: RE: Three word game

fail but loving it :D flew to the moon. 1 2 3 4
Ace Other 302 261,003 08-10-2013, 21:16
  Thread: Three word game
Post: RE: Three word game

Once there was an old man who sucked at speeding in LFS. So he got a weaker car that ended up as a rocket. But the rocket, suddenly imploded like a very tall woman with a very very long ruler. But tha...
Ace Other 302 261,003 08-10-2013, 20:58