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  Thread: How are you?
Post: RE: How are you?

(18-12-2016 10:01)A boy has no name Wrote:  wtf pleb Stupid idiot. This is for outsiders
Kyllone Other 2 4,476 18-12-2016, 12:05
  Thread: How are you?
Post: How are you?

Hi! How are you? Tell me about your feelings, me and my helpful friends will help! :))))
Kyllone Other 2 4,476 17-12-2016, 22:43
  Thread: New recruit
Post: New recruit

Hello! Today we are happy to announce that Deth has been invited to the team as a recruit. His trial period of two weeks starts now. [TT] Deth Good luck! ~TT Management
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,607 03-04-2016, 14:28
  Thread: Goodbye
Post: Goodbye

Hello, Today unfortunately we are saying goodbye to R.Fiets as he due to personal reasons, will not have enough time for LFS anymore. We wish him good luck! ~TT Management
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,750 17-08-2015, 19:23
  Thread: Did he make it.. :o
Post: Did he make it.. :o

HE DID! Welcome! [TT] Sheep Also sadly, we have to say goodbye to a brother as Obsidian has been asked to leave the team due to inactivity. Goodbye! :( ~TT Management
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,689 08-08-2015, 19:27
  Thread: Merry Christmas!
Post: RE: Merry Christmas!

Happy christmas!!! :heartbounce::heartbounce:
Kyllone Other 8 7,926 25-12-2014, 19:41
  Thread: Another sad loss
Post: Another sad loss

Hello, Edwin fucking quit. Sh*t. Regards, ~TT Management Spoiler (Click to View)Hello, Sadly we are saying goodbye to another long timer and an Elite member of the family as Edwin has decided to l...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,908 24-12-2014, 12:12
  Thread: LFS GIF's
Post: RE: LFS GIF's

Nice! :o Remember our twin Luke?? :'DD
Kyllone LFS Discussions 37 43,906 14-12-2014, 22:33
  Thread: Three word game
Post: RE: Three word game

Once there was an old man who sucked at speeding in LFS. So he got a weaker car that ended up as a rocket.But the rocket, suddenly imploded like a very tall woman with a very very long ruler. But that...
Kyllone Other 302 248,374 11-12-2014, 16:26
  Thread: Hello/Hoi/Moin moin/Huomenta
Post: RE: Hello/Hoi/Moin moin/Huomenta

Welcome to forums sir!
Kyllone Newbie Lounge 11 16,919 07-12-2014, 01:30
  Thread: Changes and somebody new
Post: Changes and somebody new

Hello! Firstly we would like to welcome yet a new recruit to our family [TT] Trinax We wish him good luck for his trial period of 2 weeks. Also there are some changes in the management as Ace has...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,622 01-12-2014, 23:36
  Thread: Good or bad news first?
Post: Good or bad news first?

Hello everyone! Today we have good and some not so good news. Firstly big congratulations to, [TT] Obsidian Who has joined the family as a full member! Sadly however our beloved Ras didn't make i...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,772 19-11-2014, 20:23
  Thread: Hey everyone!
Post: RE: Hey everyone!

6-1! Welcome!
Kyllone Newbie Lounge 9 14,596 09-11-2014, 17:11
  Thread: Sweet News
Post: Sweet News

Hello, Today we are welcoming an ex-TT and a new fella for the team, to join us as recruits. [TT] Obsidian [TT] Ras We wish them both good luck for this incredibly challenging recruitment period ...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,751 30-10-2014, 11:31
  Thread: Welcome!
Post: Welcome!

Hello, Today we are pleased to announce that three of our recruits made it through their trial period. Please join me in congratulating them as they will be full TT members! [TT] FolloweR [TT] Vy...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,674 07-09-2014, 20:35
  Thread: Is this the internets?
Post: RE: Is this the internets?

Kyllone Newbie Lounge 6 11,863 16-08-2014, 23:47
  Thread: Happy Birthday Luke!
Post: RE: Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy birthday sharp dressed man!
Kyllone Other 6 6,690 05-07-2014, 22:34
  Thread: Back in town
Post: RE: Back in town

Yes! Well welcome back to the forums hehe! :D
Kyllone Newbie Lounge 10 16,884 04-07-2014, 20:12
  Thread: Back in town
Post: RE: Back in town

He mentioned everyone but me, I'm offended. Even the small dwarf got attention!
Kyllone Newbie Lounge 10 16,884 04-07-2014, 18:35
  Thread: Remarkable loss
Post: Remarkable loss

Hello! Today sadly we have to announce, that an experienced and long time TT Elite Member Daniel is leaving the team to pursue his dreams! We wish him the very best for the future, thankyou! ~TT M...
Kyllone [TT] News 0 1,588 10-06-2014, 15:56